ShippWrecked E Liquid

About - ShippWrecked E Liquid :

ShippWrecked E Liquid was established August 2013 by two driven individuals, who decided to develop a company that could provide the desired flavor to the smoker and ex smoker like themselves. The idea of electronic cigarettes and finding a new nicotine substitution method, fascinated our minds and gave us the idea to create something unique. ShippWrecked E Liquid wants to explore and expand, reach out to its consumers and take suggestions. We want to find out what flavors you want and prefer to vape on throughout the day. We will continue to grow and create new flavors until we have satisfied every individuals taste buds. ShippWrecked E Liquid has grown providing a satisfactory product to each individual that has given us the opportunity to provide them with our product. You may contact us by going to our contact page.

ShippWrecked E Liquid

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About - ShippWrecked E Liquid:

ShippWrecked E Liquid ( Only E Cigz LLC. ) brings you a wide variety of e liquid flavors at a cheap price. Our products contain no added sweetener and contain a high quality flavor. All of our e liquid flavors are made with only FDA GRAS ingredients and are 100% Diacetyl free. We keep no secrets from our consumers and only wish to provide them with all the information they need to find a flavor that tends to their personal preference. ShippWrecked E Liquid ( Only E Cigz LLC. ) provides you the same product that we vape our self. Our product is only made, manufactured and distributed within the USA.

Why Did We Do It?

We started ShippWrecked E Liquid ( Only E Cigz LLC. ) as just a side hobby, but we never anticipated it to become what it is today. When we were introduced into the vaping industry, there was no regulations and laws. This caused us to research further into what was actually contained in the solutions we were vaping. We found out that there was a lot of harmful chemicals that people were using in there e liquid flavors. We also found out that other suppliers out there were not providing the people with an accurate level of nicotine content contained in the solution itself. Therefore we brought it upon ourselves to create our own e liquid flavors for our own personal health benefits and desires. Others who were fascinated with the new trend of vaping wanted to try our product. Now we provide our product to the whole U.S.A. and own our own vapor shop Only E Cigz in Orlando, FL.

Does it actually work?

ShippWrecked E Liquid ( Only E Cigz LLC. ) has done studies and surveys to find out that using electronic cigarettes as an alternative from smoking real cigarettes works. Every person that we have provided our service to has not went back to smoking (Unless they choose to do both). Some people say they like to smoke a cigarette where they can, and then use an e cigarette at places where smoking cigarettes is prohibited. For example cigarette smoking indoors is prohibited at any bar, club, shopping center, mall, grocery store, movie theater, air ports, air planes, jails, prisons, most apartment buildings, college dorms, even on college campuses outside, certain hospitals won't allow you to smoke any where on the premises, and theme parks have a strict policy for smoking as well. Smoking is prohibited almost anywhere indoors in the state of Florida, but outdoors you can smoke, stink like and ass tray, pollute the air, kill yourself, kill others, flick your cancer stick anywhere you please (remember you get caught littering they give you a nice fine) . If you don't care about mother nature, your children, yourself, our planet or society, than go ahead and keep smoking and destroying everything and everyone around you. Our products are made to help you begin to breathe again. With all of the surveys and studies we have done, if you go through me we can guarantee you will stop smoking. We will not only provide you with some of the best tasting e liquid flavors on the market, but we am going to get you set up to where you don't ever need to smoke again. ShippWrecked E Liquid( Only E Cigz LLC. ) is going to make sure you smell pretty, look pretty, can breathe and hold your breath longer, run without getting out of breathe as fast. So if you want to stop smoking and know that you are not just blowing money on a cheap product that no wheres near as harmful, if harmful at all as a regular cigarette. A cigarette contains 10,000 other chemicals, carcinogens, and tar that is killing you. So Stop Smoking and start vaping today.

Ingredients In E Liquid Flavors:

Our E Liquid flavors come in a few different choices 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg nicotine. All of our liquids come standard at a 50/50 PG to VG ratio, but you can put in a special request to have that changed. All of our e liquid flavors have no added sweetener and are made with only FDA GRAS ingredients. ShippWrecked E Liquid (Only E Cigz LLC.) makes sure none of our e liquid flavors contain any Diacetyl alcohol All of our e liquid flavors are made, manufactured, and distributed only in the USA.

Discount Program:

ShippWrecked E Liquid (Only E Cigz LLC.) provides you with a discount program that you yourself can receive as a shopper. You just create an account and you will receive different discount coupons for different purchases

Only E Cigz Vapor Shop:

If you are ever in the area ShippWrecked E Liquid ( Only E Cigz LLC. ) has opened up a vapor shop Only E Cigz that you can get directions to on our contact page. Our vapor shop provides you with an unlimited selection of vape gear with the best prices in Orlando, FL. We provide you with hundreds of different flavors and are constantly adding more. Only E Cigz Vapor Shop will make sure you get the best product at the best price. Where else can you get a quality product like ours that is made, manufactured, and distributed in the USA for only $9.99 for a 30ml bottle? Only E Cigz Vapor Shop provides everyone with a 10% discount when leaving the door. We have VIP memberships where you always receive 10% off and it is free we don't ask you for anything just you as a customer. We are not these money hungry companies just trying to get paid and sell you a product you know nothing about. We will give you the knowledge and information you want and need to make sure that you are 100% happy with every purchase you place. Only E Cigz want's a happy healthy customer more than a pissed off customer who comes back and complains. We will only sell you what we feel your ready for and fix or replace any damaged product you may have. Only E Cigz LLC. has put together an amazing vapor shop where we make sure our customer will never touch another cigarette again. We promise that we will never let our loyal customers down.